Mobile Nursing Foot and Nail Care Service

A unique community-based mobile nursing foot care specialist providing non-cosmetic medical pedicures and foot care services to diabetics, seniors, and individuals having concerns with their feet and to those that just want to have their feet pampered.  Neglected nails and feet are painful, often leading to inactivity, falls and infections.  The goal of this service is to promote comfort, early detection of complications, safety and optimal mobility.

Some reasons why nursing foot care may be appropriate for You or Your Loved one:

.Diabetes     .Circulatory problems     .Hip or Knee replacement

.Visual impairment     .Diminished Hand Strength or Dexterity

.Toenails too Thick or Long     .Arthritis     .Back Pain

.Taking Steroids or Blood Thinners     .Numbness in Feet

.Parkinson's Disease     .Dementia     .Unable to provide own foot care for any reason

.Cost of Service can be claimed as a Medical Expense on your taxes